Looking for Downtown Unity Circle?

You're almost there! In 2014 we moved into our new facility and change our name to "Unity in the Heart of Austin".  Please update your bookmarks in your browser.  The old http://www.downtownunity.com and http://www.downtownunity.org domains will go away by mid-2015.

Our new Internet address is: http://www.unityheartofaustin.com.  You can click the link to the left or select from the menu above to go to our new website.  Thanks for your past support of Downtown Unity Circle and we look forward to seeing you at Unity in the Heart of Austin.

Email Addresses

If you have email addresses stored in your contacts on your phone, tablet or PC, now is the time to update them. Just change the domain name after the @-sign to our new domain which is unityheartofaustin.com.  For example:

    tony@downtownunity.com  has been changed to  tony@unityheartofaustin.com

Unity in the Heart of Austin